Beats and Eats is a micro-festival of stylin’ hip hop beats and delicious vegan food truck eats! This show targets the 30+ crowd. This is for “grown folks” who LOVE hip hop but want to skip the club scene and lounge. 

Brought to you by Quanstar and Coach K 



This quarterly event highlights local and touring indie hip hop acts: 

  • Two DJs and Two Rappers 
    • One local & one guest DJ
    • One local & one guest Rapper


Enjoyall-you-can-eat healthy and delicious vegan dishes

  • Pay one entry fee to sample live Hip Hop and food (while supplies last)
  • An exciting, new menu every time
  • Local, organic, vegan, halal, kosher
About Quanstar

The multi-talented wordsmith, Quanstar, prepares vegan meals on-site and to order. Quanstar is a self-trained chef who specializes in coffee and vegan pastries as well as healthy and delicious vegan savory dishes. He is the owner/operator of Family’s Favorite Foods. Find more information here: 


Quanstar is also an underground Hip Hop artist based in Atlanta. His musical passions are creating and promoting indie Hip Hop culture through advocacy and education. Quanstar’s style and stage presence take the audience on a tour de force. From anime to social analysis and commentary, his cerebral rhymes keep the crowd hooked.  Find out more here 


About Coach K 

“It’s all about the groove”: Funk, Soul, Samba, Jazz, Hip Hop. Coach K brings a world of feeling and energy. Be prepared for versatility and eclectic surprises on this journey of sound: world folk, jazz, funk, traditional/classical music from multiple cultures. 

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